May 02, 2006

Back. Kind of. In a sense.

Somehow I managed to get out of LA. It's such a depressing place -- it ought to be one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in the world, but instead it makes you question the visceral forcefulness of 'dystopian hellhole'. Actually, it's amazing that LA is the birthplace of suburban sprawl -- unlike, say, Chicago, the geography and water supply ought to encourage high population density.

Anyway, light posting the rest of the week, I'm afraid. In the next week, I have to finish two papers -- one that just needs the rough draft touched up (so that's not too bad), but I haven't even started writing the other (and that's very, very bad). I'm also rather spectacularly sick, with this stomach thing that's got me drinking pepto bismol like water. Hopefully MosBen can keep you all entertained until I have the energy to harangue once again.


MosBen said...

Actually, I'm right in the middle of (my last) finals too. I've got one final left to take and a paper to write, which I know what it will be about, but haven't really done anything on. It's going to be a rough week.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! to both!

Meghanidly said...

"depressing" and "hellhole," huh? a nearly lifetime resident of the city of L.A. i'll have to strongly but respectfully disagree with your assessment

on another note, best of luck to both of you on the remainder of your school'll all be over soon