May 27, 2006

A Late Random 10

I think we know the drill now, so I'm just going to skip the instructions this week. That's right! If you really don't know what this post is about you can look back a couple weeks to the last Random 10 or just wait for next week when I might feel like writing the instructions out for the millionth time.

(Song - Artist)
1. Mortal Kombat - Theme
2. Your Mother Should Know - The Beatles
3. I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart - Eels
4. The Bloody Rage Of The Titans - Rhapsody
5. Raspberry Jam Delta-V - Joe Satriani
6. Zodiac Epilogue - Eternity X
7. Across The Rainbow Bridge - Ayreon
8. Wages Of Weirdness - Dixie Dreggs
9. Night Time Eclipse - Strattovarious
10. Workshop Of The Telescopes - Blue Öyster Cult

Whoa, who decided that it was space rock week? This really is what I love about the Random 10, though I guarantee that this list is completely random, I can't help but think that my computer has come alive and if it is not planning on mounting some kind of world takeover soon, it's at least going to give itself a tye-dyed background and wonder if the universe is really just a big computer and that he's just, like, a transistor in the universe's ram buffer. Freakin' hippy computer! Put down the digital frisbee and get a job why don't ya?!


Kryssa said...

1) ecstacy of gold - yo yo ma
2) hey jane - the low millions
3) brighter than sunshine - aqualung
4) new slang - the shins
5) a day in the life - the beatles
6) chi passa per'sta strada - yo yo ma
7) mushaboom - feist
8) wow - snow patrol
9) nil - the cardigans
10) cruel - tori amos


Dan Brottman said...

1) Windspitting Punk - Swingin' Utters
2) Burndt Jamb - Weezer
3) Unfinished - Barenaked Ladies
4) Elenor - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
5) Like the Angel - Rise Against
6) Stay - Lisa Loeb
7) Magnetic North - Less Than Jake
8) I Want To Conquer The World - Bad Religion
9) Private Radio - Bouncing Souls
10) Sugar and Candy - 2 Skinnee J's