May 07, 2006

This is what we do when we do the thing we do

If anyone cares about what grad students in philosophy actually do, well, you're at the right blog, because it's mostly just pointless arguing and whining about how busy and poor we are.

If anyone cares about what grad students in philosophy nominally do, you're also at the right blog, because I'm posting my first public work in progress.

Right now!

Unlike the other papers on my school website, I plan on developing this one further and, eventually, submitting it for publication. Right now, though, it's the term paper for my course in "feminist approaches to knowledge", known in the jargon as "feminist epistemology". I'm interested in seeing how accessible it is to non-philosophers and non-feminist philosophers; sadly, the answer to both is probably "not very". But this is just a draft version; it will go through many incarnations before I can manage to get it published. Incidentally, term papers are usually 15-25 pages, not 40+; that's partly why I've been so busy this semester. I shouldn't have to say that comments are greatly appreciated.

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