May 04, 2006

Recipe for a bad day

Start with
one (1) paper that desperately needs to be written.
Now add
one (1) nasty bout of sinus congestion.
In the medicine cabinet, mix up
antihistamines (allergy medicines, which do nothing for the sinuses, but do cause drowsyness) and
generic sudafed (does not cause drowsiness, do a phenomenal job of draining the sinuses).

Take one medicine at random, spend the next four hours wondering why you still have an incredible sinus headache between being so incoherent you can't get any writing done. Decide to lay down for half an hour to clear your head. Wake up nearly three hours later, realse what happened, and desperately start pumping caffeine into your system so you get more than a single page written today.

At least I didn't confuse the generic sudafed with the drugs that, like, make your arms fall off or something. Then it'd be really hard to write.

What a shitty week.

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