May 06, 2006

One More Leg In A Long Race

I've finished my last final of law school. Let's not talk about how I think I did. On the bright side, I still have a 30 page paper to write by Tuesday afternoon. Seriously, I feel like I'm playing the lead in, "You Really Hosed Yourself On This One Charlie Brown". Good grief.

Anyway, because I needed a break after my exam, here are a couple videos I found for you all. One is a new bit of video for the very cool looking game from Wil Wright, Spore. The next is the French version of the trailer for the next Bond film, Casio Royale. They call it a Royale because they have the metric system. Also, this new guy is blond. Weird.

1 comment:

Noumena said...

Wow ... I can't wait for Spore. Unless it turns out the video card in this thing can't handle it. Then I can't wait to be able to afford a new gaming box.

Casino Royale, on the other hand, I can wait for, pretty much indefinitely. Did anyone ever see the Peter Sellers version? Now that was a thing.