May 15, 2006


Chicago, shortly before barely avoiding falling on my ass a few months ago. That's a chunk of ice in the foreground; the entire cement slab was iced over.

I miss living in Chicago. When you factor in the cost of a car, it was actually less expensive than the SB.

Yes, this was yet another post on the theme of 'I don't like Indiana very much at all'. Maybe one of these days Kryssa will take the bait and start defending it. Posted by Picasa


MosBen said...

I certainly miss the ol' Tacoma days, minus the pulp mill, of course.

Anonymous said...

mwahaha. i live in tacoma. :) be jealous. actually i live in lakewood. or, lakehood. so, really, you should not be that jealous.


Kryssa said...

If I lived in the sticks, I'd probably hate it every bit as much. But living downtown's not so bad.

Also, I have every intention of leaving Indy in a year or so.


Noumena said...

Manda, I will not be jealous of you living in Lakewood.

And Kryssa, that was the most half-assed attempt to stick up for one's home state ever.

Kryssa said...

Ah, right defending it.

So, did you know that Indianapolis has the second most number of monuments in the US. Second only two Washington, DC.

Indiana has more interstate highway miles per square mile than any other state.

Rockafeller Center, the Empire State Building, and the Pentagon are all built from Indiana Limestone.

As a city of just under 1 mill, we have a full symphony, live theatre, new art museum, opera, and a world class children's museum. Not to mention the zoo and numerous walks/parks/ and a rather green downtown. And then there's the 500. And let's not forget GenCon. (... I'm a girl. And I don't like loud noises.)

French Lick

For a smallish state, we have two state schools that do well both academically and athletically (IU and Purdue) as well as Notre Dame

We have the Colts and Pacers... and the Indians... minor league, but awesome.

and, because, well, I have to say it... Corn. Although, I think Indiana produces more soybeans than corn these days.