June 28, 2004

Breaking News

Wow, as far as I can tell from the blogs I read, I'm one of the first people to write about this which I'll gladly chalk up to my fancy Eastern time zone.

By this point many people have commented on the fact that the handover isn't complete in any sense of the word and is more likely than not just a way for Bush to say he handed over sovereignty to Iraq when people grill him on it as we get closer to November. It seems to me that if people were worried that the fact that the interim governing council can't make a lot of real choices (they're not allowed to repeal some of the laws the US, I mean, Coalition forces made, etc.), this hastily thrown together handoff isn't going to make the new government seem any more solid. It just looks like the US was expecting some kind of attack and wanted to get the Hell out of the country ASAP. Who knows, maybe Paul Bremmer just wanted to be back in the states for Spiderman 2 on Wednesday instead of doing boring political ceremonies.

I don't know, I'm sure I'll have more to say about this in the coming days.

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