June 24, 2004

Mission Still Not Accomplished


Insurgents staged what appeared to be coordinated assaults in cities across central and northern Iraq today, overrunning police stations, ambushing American patrols and driving car bombs right up to government buildings.

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A spokesman for the Iraqi Health Ministry, which tracks Iraqi casualties nationwide, said today's death toll was 69 Iraqis dead and 276 injured, with 44 killed in Mosul alone. The spokesman said he expected the death toll to climb.

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In the early afternoon, pillars of smoke curled up above the skyline. Helicopters swooped through the sky. Columns of vehicles carrying American soldiers rolled along the roadways leading to the downtown area, where three buildings were reduced to rubble by 500-pound bombs dropped from American aircraft.

And three American soldiers died as well along with many more injured. Six days and counting until the country is supposed to be ready for handover...yeah right.

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