June 24, 2004

Justice Task Force....ASSEMBLE!!!!

So the Supreme Court ruled today that the government doesn't have to release information about Dick Cheney's secret energy task force, though it did send the case back to the lower courts to decide if there were other ways to get the info. While this case will still putter along, chances are it is likely out of the way for the election in November. For those keeping tabs, Justice Scalia did not recuse himself from this case despite the obvious potential conflict of interest created by the duck hunting trip he went on with the Vice President and he indeed came down on the side of the Vice President's side.

This case was filed under the Federal Advisory Comittee Act of 1972, which requires comittees to operate in the open unless all the members are government officials, but there is a much more promising case still coming down the pipe filed under the Freedom of Information act, so let's cross our fingers for that one.

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