March 15, 2005

He Was Just Helping The Sheep Over The Fence

Billy "Wicked" Wilson, creater of Voodoo Extreme and Gaming Groove game news web sites, has passed at 33.

Voodoo Extreme was the web site that made the internet useful to me. It was the first site that made me log on every day because there was actually new stuff happening every day. Magazines suddenly seemed horribly late with everything they reported and VE was able to open up the video game world in a way that no place I had ever seen before.

Man, it's weird how someone that you don't even really know dying can still unsettle you.

R.I.P. Billy, hope wherever you are you don't have to ice up the tp.


Noumena said...

what did he die of?

MosBen said...

It hasn't been released, but I know he had a drug problem at a time. He had supposedly gotten over it and he was in the hospital over night, so it doesn't seem like an OD, but again nobody really knows.