March 25, 2005

I Got The Whole Word/ On My Computer

I'm not sure if I already blogged about this when it first came out but I don't even care because it's the coolest thing ever. Nasa has developed a program that puts together satilite images from several different satilites orbiting the globe into a cohesive map of the globe. You can start completely zoomed out and then take yourself further in to anywhere you want. So far I've looked at downtown Tokyo and Mt. Fuji, Disney Land and World, downtown Philly, and found my house in New Jersey and my parent's house (I could even see the pool and some trees) in Washington. Yeah, it's a little creepy, but really damn cool.

What makes it less creepy is that given the size of the globe the pictures are mostly not new. The ones of Philly are at least several years old because certain things (like stadiums) are missing.

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DrDeef said...

I have also tried the program - it's fucking amazing. I found all of the houses I've lived in, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, the Pentagon. It's hot shit on a plate!