March 20, 2005

Womens: They is so confusing!

To the surprise of no-one who paid attention in high school genetics, scientists have determined that the miniscule Y chromosome found only in males is much less active than the X chromosome -- which occurs twice in females and once in males. What is the inane, Feminine Mystique-esque, conclusion Maureen Dowd comes to?

As the Times science reporter Nicholas Wade, who is writing a book about human evolution and genetics, explained it to me: "Women are mosaics, one could even say chimeras, in the sense that they are made up of two different kinds of cell. Whereas men are pure and uncomplicated, being made of just a single kind of cell throughout."

This means men's generalizations about women are correct, too. Women are inscrutable, changeable, crafty, idiosyncratic, a different species.

Does Maureen Dowd have no experience interacting with actual women and men, people who exist outside of romantic comedies and sitcoms? Christ.

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