March 27, 2005

Terri Schiavo Commentary

Long time, no post, I'm back.

Seeing as how we are now entering the tenth day without the feeding tube, it's probably safe to say that Terri Schiavo will probably pass in the next day or so, and according to MSNBC the parent's have finally resigned themselves to the situation.

I, like most of America it seems, have been following this case. At least it's made us all more aware of the importance of having a living will. What bothers me most is the sensationalism that the right has used to portray this as a "Democrats support Death" rally. Of course, none of us really thought they wouldn't at least try, but when Rush Limbaugh keeps asking his listeners why the liberals want to kill Terri Schiavo, it just makes me shake me head at the idiocy.

Some pearls from the MSNBC article above, apparently the Schindlers claim that Terri tried to speak to them yesterday, to vocalize that she knew she was dying and that she didn't want to die. Call me crazy, but that sounds a little over the top when she hasn't uttered a single coherent word since her brain died 15 years ago.

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