November 17, 2005

Can't Staff of Ra?

because "Staff of Ra" is a verb now. Perhaps the acronym SoR ("soar") will catch on among all the cool kids, and then we'll have people from around the world wondering why the hell we're having lives and doing things instead of incessant blogging the latest on John Robert's "Say hello to MY Chief Justice" boxer-briefs.

Ahem. Sorry about that. Technical difficulties. Yeah, that's what happened.

Many/several people seem to be having severe problems viewing the blog using Internet Explorer, with only about 1 1/2 posts showing up, and no sidebar. Unfortunately, there's roughly jack shit that we can do about this on our end. Until blogger fixes things, we recommend using Firefox if at all possible. Hell, we recommend using it even if you aren't having this problem: it's a far superior browser to IE, especially if you try out some of the nifty extensions. If you can't install Firefox at work because you don't have Administrator privileges on that computer, we recommend you talk to your IT people and have them put it on for you.


wampa1 said...

after literally taking minutes to load this url using internet explorer, i installed firebox and became blog savvy. it is good to be among old friends and simultaneously begin alienating others.

MosBen said...

I would just like to point out that your handle is perhaps the best ever.

wampa1 said...

nice to be appreciated. more sardonic posts to follow.

wampa1 said...

there are embarrassing pictures of mosben that need public exposure. can i become a blog contributor?

also, happy birthday to me . . . bunch of jerk offs.

Noumena said...

I would be more than happy to put up all the embarrassing photos you might have.