November 03, 2005

Hooray For Blogs

Kos has become something of a lightning rod in the liberal blogging community, due mainly to some insensitive comments about women and abortion rights from time to time, but like it or not he's got the biggest community I know of and that can be powerful. It's nice to see that power used for some good. From Penny Arcade's Child's Play to this, I love to see the internet community doing really great stuff.

"Truth is the sound ears are craving / Light is the white dove"


Anonymous said...

I'll take, "Flower Kings, ;love is the word'" for 500, Alex?

Anonymous said...

and a question for YOU, Ben...what do you think of Maureen Dowd?

MosBen said...

She's foxy as all get out?

Noumena said...

My opinion, for the record: The Times' only long-term female op-ed writer is crappy crap crap. Generally merely insipid, she occasionally enjoys making a big deal out of bashing strawmen feminisms.

Insta-list of people the Times should replace Maureen Dowd with before her next column:
1) Barbara Ehrenreich
2) Katha Politt (sp)
3) Dahlia Lithiwick (sp)
4) Molly Ivins

But what does this have to do with yonder internets?

MosBen said...

Truly Ehrenreich and Ivins (the two of those four that I'm familiar with) are much better than Dowd. That said, she's better than Brooks and still foxy for a newpaper op-ed writer. Certainly better than Helen Thomas.