November 15, 2005

Now Who's Getting Thrown Down The Well?

Kazakhstan is attempting to grab comedian Sacha Baron Cohen by the horns for portraying their country as a bunch of drunks who "pretend to be married" with their sisters. Thanks, and points, to Anne for the link.

And for you law nerds out there, or people that really want to see the stupider side of law school, here is a spinoff of the classic Overheard In New York but for law school. Points to Patrick for the link.

"This is not so much a holiday oriented song / as it is an exclamation of dismay at the sight of a beautiful woman"


Anonymous said...

MC Chris, "Fuckin'Up My Christmas"

Although Drew should really get the points for answering this back in September.

MosBen said...

Yeah, I knew (or was pretty sure at least) that I had used this song before, but my method for choosing songs is generally just letting itunes randomly select something and then hit next until it's something I want to post. Usually if something comes up that I've posted before I skip past it, but I love this song a lot so I let it slide.

MosBen said...

Actually, I might have to start using the lyrics a little less often. Afterall, my music is kind of limited, even though I have a lot of it, and I'm going to start running into repeats sooner or later. Maybe just once a day. I don't know, any ideas?