November 03, 2004

It's Over

Kerry's giving up. 4 more years of the same old Bush bullshit.


LameAim said...

Disappointed? Yes.

Surprised? Not really.

Anonymous said...

Ben you slacker. You were sober enough to post this morning but not attend class...You missed some enthralling tax discussions.

If you move, you should move to Ireland with Robert Redford...or to France with Barbara Streisand (I am still holding out hope the she will fulfill her promise from the 2000 election).

So if celebs and concerts and comedic T.V. shows can't convince the youth to vote, what can? I say Gallagher! Get him in there with the sledge-o-matic to crack some melons.

check out this site:

He's a member of the Party Party, and has a whole platform.

-Stir it Up