November 04, 2004

So THAT'S what happened

A sixteen-year-old girl just explained to me what happened on Tuesday (screenname removed to protect her identity):

[04-11-2004 13:04:21] ----: because he's always bitchin at Bush about him outsourcing jobs, right? Yet, his wife owns Heinze (actually, she doesn't own jack shit, its her dead husband's company and money) and it ousourcing thousands of jobs. If they moved Heinze to the US, think of how many jobs there would be. But, no, they're keeping it wherever the fuck it is.
[04-11-2004 13:05:24] SecretAgentDan: ... you think people chose Bush over Kerry because Heinz ketchup manfactures overseas?
[04-11-2004 13:05:30] SecretAgentDan: wow
[04-11-2004 13:05:34] SecretAgentDan: when did you go insane?
[04-11-2004 13:05:35] ----: that's not even what I'm saying
[04-11-2004 13:05:41] ----: I was giving you a REASON
[04-11-2004 13:05:43] ----: A REASON
[04-11-2004 13:05:44] ----: one
[04-11-2004 13:05:47] ----: there are countless
[04-11-2004 13:05:56] SecretAgentDan: uh huh
[04-11-2004 13:06:04] ----: and I'm not insane
[04-11-2004 13:06:07] ----: you're the fucking moron
[04-11-2004 13:06:16] ----: now i know why I don't keep company w/ liberals
[04-11-2004 13:06:27] ----: I seriously think I'm dumber having talked to you about politics
[04-11-2004 13:06:42] SecretAgentDan: how, exactly, am I a moron?
[04-11-2004 13:09:34] ----: because you're so wrapped up in your Liberal world view you have no idea how badly this country would be if we had someone like Kerry in office. You want to know one of the reasons the economy is bad? Because that dumb ass Bill Clinton made the land that has our oil in Alaska "protected land" or whatever the fuck he called. Therefore causing us to have to get it from other countries. And since gas prices are so fucking high, people aren't buying new cars because they can't afford to fill the tanks. And since people aren't buying cars, peopel who make cars are getting laid off. If Bush could get it to where we could get our own oil from our own land, we'd have a way better economy. But, no, your dumb ass DEMOCRATIC president fucked that up.


LameAim said...

Ah, the stupidity of the young. I'm not even sure where to start with that.

Let's start with this. ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) predates to the early 70s, and was expanded in 1980. Clinton wasn't president during any of this time, so I fail to see how the creation of ANWR and its expansion is his fault.

Now, there was an effort to open ANWR up that Clinton vetoed back in 1995, but my guess is that he realized that opening ANWR is going to require a huge financial investment to be viable - which doesn't really seem worth it, considering it'll save us 5% of oil imports at best.

I would also like to point out this paragraph in an open letter to Congress by who is probably my favorite Rebublican, John McCain:

"With respect to taking truly effective action to reduce our oil dependence, regrettably the Senate rejected a more effective measure to modestly increase fuel efficiency standards, a proposal that would substantially decrease our nation's dependence on foreign oil and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Had we adopted an increase of fuel efficiency standards to 36 mpg average by 2015, we could have potentially saved 2.5 million barrels of oil per day by 2020 which is about equal to present imports from the Persian Gulf. This prudent conservation measure would also save twice as much, if not more, oil than what is in ANWR. "

The problem with it is that it's a fucking short-term goal. But it'll most likely be opened up now, despite the massive shortcomings. Buh-bye wilderness.

You can find the rest of this letter at:

Can you at least tell me you got your short-sighted friend to spell Heinz correctly?

MosBen said...

Jesus Czar, where'd that come from? That's the best post on ANWR I've read in a long ass time, maybe ever. You need to do more posting.

LameAim said...

I have no idea. Sometimes I'm like Will Ferrell in Old School... intelligent shit comes out of my mouth with no source of origin.

It is really sad about ANWR though... both the Republican and Democratic candidates for Senate ran under the promise that they could get ANWR opened up and bring jobs to this state with it. The fact of the matter is, no one knows how much oil is under there and whether it's worth the effort. My guess is "not much" and "no", otherwise we'd see more of an effort from the oil companies themeselves. There is oil there, yes. But the oil companies have those two problems and it makes it somewhat unappealing, as since they are a business, they look to harvest the most amount of oil they can for the least amount of money possible.

And jobs? Sure, it'll create jobs. For about a year, maybe.

I think the scariest part about all of this - the elections, policies, etc.... is thatI think my dad may have been right. THAT is what terrifies me, because he's fucking crazy.