November 07, 2004

Welcome My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends...It Just Takes Long Breaks

In the midst of being woefully behind in my progress towards completing the brief I'm working on, and supposed to be finished with for tomorrow, I went to Philly last night to see my friend Drew's band, The Trap, perform. I haven't had a friend in a band since high school, so I had forgotten how much more the girls would rather have sex with, or even talk to, the cute guitarist than with me. That's alright, such things would have really fucked up this whole "Friar without the faith" thing I've got going on.

The show rocked though. I implore you all to go to The Trap's web page and download their songs. There were two other bands there, well, two that mattered, and though I've gotta jet now I might post their websites later if I can find them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you were the hot groupie or the guy setting up equipment or, hell, even the guy handing towels to the lead singer you'd get laid by more of "dem hos" to use the parlance of our times. I'd recommend doing so post-haste. Friar.