November 05, 2004

The Saddest Shit Evva

Now that the election is over I can start posting more traditionally geeky things, like the Miss Digital World Contest, aka the thing we geeks that try to be cool shake our heads at.


Noumena said...

I now officially want to dig out my own eyes with chopsticks.

This reminds me of the time Brandon said some anime character was hot. Which reminds me of the time he was distracted when I jiggled my keys in front of him. Which makes me laugh. But not enough to not want to dig out my own eyes with chopsticks.

Geronimo said...

1st, I don't remember the time I said an anime character was hot (nor do I think I ever did), so I plead the fifth on that one. However, who didn't think Belle from Beauty & The Beast was attractive. Ahem...

As for the keys incident, that was Ty who jingled. Stories straight, Dan.

Anonymous said...

HEY...cartoon characters can be hot, though I don't think they should make beauty pageants for them. But Aladdin is the all time sexy male from Disney. Arabian nights baby...more often than not are hotter than hot. Haha. I suppose I'll get a "..." from Dan when he reads this. Just like I got when i told him Aladdin was hot the first time.

MosBen said...

1st: I know I wasn't there, but I heard enough stories about Brandon's declaration at the time that I'm going to certify it as true.

2nd: That being said, I don't think it's wrong. Any time we look at a representation of something and comment about its qualities we're really referring to the picture and not the actual thing the picture refers to. Some examples: When we look at a photo of someone we can certainly remark as to their hotness, indeed the size of the porn industry is enough to validate that claim. Further, if I were to draw a picture of a really hot person I know, I don't think it's that big a leap to say that "S/he's hot". But with both the first example and the second, unless the viewer knows the subject of the photo/drawing personally, what they say when they say "S/he's hot" is really "The character represented here is hot." I

I may have taken liberties with how the person actually looks in my drawing, and anything from simply being a skilled photographer to Photoshop can make a person in a photo look drastically different from how they look in reality. Moreover, even if the photo is an accurate depiction at the time its taken, it may no longer be accurate. The person may have been in an accident and been horribly mangled or even dead, but when we look at a photo we don't couch it in those terms. Instead we say "S/he's hot", which then must refer to the character created by the photo and not the "real" person.

All this is to say that any time we look at representations of humans we're commenting on the representation and not the actual person. Since most of the time we don't know the person personally, and thus the accuracy of the depiction, it makes no difference for purposes of being good looking if there is any actual connection between the representation and its referent.

Certainly, with each level of the removal from the referent itself we should become slightly more skeptical (no one ever says, "Man, I'd like to meet Jessica Rabbit because she is smokin' hot"), but that does not preclude statements as to their attractiveness being valid/true.

LameAim said...

It's true. I was there.

We all gave Brandon a harder time about it than he deserved, though.