November 20, 2004

What? who?

The rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I've just had an insanely busy four weeks. Grad school's a bitch that way. Fortunately, I should be considerably less busy in the near future, and then I'll be on vacation in California for most of December, where you will once again not hear from me.

Look at it this way: no 2,000 word essays on obscure philosophers taking up three screens' worth of space until January-ish. Celebrate!

A few good things you should read:

Brand Democrat | Oliver Willis

Pandagon on Kerry's "Every Child Protected" bill (which petition I have signed)

Atrios on health insurance. The guy's an economist, isn't he? Well, you should read it anyway, get some edumacation.

Oh, and Stuff from the Bible. Because I just want to see if certain people actually read this thing like they claim they do ...

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