January 29, 2007

Another Link From Brottman

This kid is better than me at Guitar Hero. He's better than you at Guitar Hero. This kid is eight. I hate him with the power of a million exploding suns, but he rocks and he rolls.


Jason said...

That best part is that the kid is wearing an Owens jersey. The video looks legit but I would love to know how many hours that kid spent playing that fucking game to memorize it enough to play without looking. I am not sure if that is really awesome or really lame.

Another cool video is the pizza the hut video linked on the same page as that kid. It is a guy playing in a huge pizza costume a double neck controller and playing both parts of the multiplayer, in his garage on a projection screen. Again, I am not sure if it really awesome or really lame.

DCFearless said...

I weep for the future. But the future shall rock if this kid's any indicator.