January 10, 2007


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed a healthcare reform package for the State of California that has people on both the left and right all razzled up. Ezra breaks it down here much better than I could hope to. Hey, no skin off my back, the kid's an internet genius focusing in healthcare. I'm just glad I could understand most of it. Anyhow, I know we have a few lawyers, at least one doctor, and folks interested in politics reading the blog and I'd like to hear your opinions on this particular bill and universal healthcare (which Ezra rightly points out, this bill is *not*) generally.

Personally, given the horrible state of our healthcare system I think this is obviously a step in the right direction but, as Ezra says, not anywhere near what we need.

I looked briefly for a conservative take on this proposal, but being at work I couldn't devote a significant amount of time to searching. Unfortunately I didn't run across any sources that I know/recognize as respected conservative bloggers. I'll throw up a link if I find something, but feel free to post a link in the comments if you see something pertinent.

Incidentally, while looking for a conservative response to this plan I ran across this bit from Jonah Goldberg at The Corner discussing Star Trek's Prime Directive. He, of course, gets it wrong. Series subsequent to the Original Series have made clear that Kirk's era played fast and loose with all kinds of rules, often leading to bad results. The Prime Directive is there for a reason and breaking it is among the most serious offenses in the mythos. Obviously.

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