January 23, 2007

Go to Barbara Boxer's website to email a petition

to bring home the troops.

Here is her website: http://www.barbaraboxer.com

[And here is the email form.]

Dear Sarah,

Urge President Bush to stop the Iraq escalation!

In just 9 hours, President Bush will stand before Congress and the American people to deliver his State of the Union address and defend his unwise plan to deploy over 20,000 new American troops to Iraq.

Help me stand up to the President by urging him to listen to the American people and turn away from this unwise escalation of the war. Email President Bush before his speech tonight and ask him to listen to reason.

Last November, the American people went into the voting booth and said loud and clear that they wanted a change of course in Iraq. Instead, President Bush ignored the public and the advice of senior military officials by proposing to escalate our commitment in Iraq.

It is so crucial that we all keep up the pressure to start bringing our troops home so the Iraqis know that Iraq is their country, we are not occupiers, and that they must defend themselves. It is also crucial that we keep up the pressure for a political and diplomatic solution to this travesty -- to bring together all of the countries in the region with the coalition President Bush says he has, in order to meet and hammer out the details for bringing about a peaceful Iraq. Instead, the Bush Administration is only offering a military escalation, which means more and more killing, leaving our sons and daughters in the middle of a full-blown civil war.

Enough is enough. Forward an email to President Bush before tonight's State of the Union address. Tell him that America wants our troops to start coming home.

Just this past weekend, 27 American troops lost their lives in Iraq -- one of the deadliest two-day periods for U.S. forces since we first invaded Iraq 4 years ago. Then on Monday, more than 100 Iraqis were killed in car bombing attacks in Baghdad and Khalis. This nonstop violence is sickening, and we must do everything we can to end it.

It is no wonder that recent polls show that 65 percent of the American people oppose the president's plan to send more troops to Iraq. They know that President Bush isn't offering a solution; he's just putting more young Americans in harm's way without taking any serious steps to end the conflict.

President Bush's escalation plan also faces bipartisan opposition in Congress. On Monday, Senator John Warner -- a senior Republican and respected military expert -- proposed a resolution opposing the Bush troop increase. It could not be more clear that President Bush is standing alone -- against even his own party -- in trying to escalate this conflict.

Already, over 17,000 people have emailed President Bush through our PAC for a Change website, urging him to listen to reason and turn away from this foolhardy policy. It is critical that we double this number in the last hours before his speech tonight.

Email President Bush right now, and let him know that it's time for him to listen to the American people and end the war in Iraq.

Thank you for your help to change course and start bringing our brave men and women home so the Iraqis can take responsibility for their own country.

In Friendship,
Barbara Boxer

[Ripped off entirely from my friend Sarah.]

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MosBen said...

Ah, up until the end there I was a bit confused as to who exactly Sarah was...