January 31, 2007

Done Before It Began

People are "all up ons" Joe Biden now because of a *very* stupid thing he said about Barack Obama.

Now, I understand all the various ways this can be read as a racist statement, but I'm pretty shocked at the number of people who think it was intended as such, or even that he's under some kind of "I grew up in a different era" rule. Look, everybody has said something that just came out the wrong way and sounds horribly insensitive. I have no doubt that Joe Biden was attempting to say something nice about Senator Obama or perhaps expressing enthusiasm for a black candidate that has, at this early point in the horserace, a very real prospect of winning the primary and perhaps the general presidential election.

Still, it was a monumentally stupid thing to say, and a really rookie error for a guy that's been in national politics as long as Biden has. I'm sure this will kill his campaign, not that it had much life to begin with. Should it? I don't know, maybe, but like I said he really shouldn't be in this race in the first place. This faux pax just proves it.

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Unknown said...

Biden is an idiot. He has less of a chance to win the nomination than I do, and I'm not running. But you're right, this was a case of foot-in-mouth syndrome, where Biden said something incredibly stupid that had the appearance of being racist. Sort of like Kerry's "stuck in Iraq" joke.