January 10, 2007

Guitar Hero 360

Game Informer has announced some Guitar Hero goodness for the Xbox 360, including 10 exclusive songs that will be available.

Possum Kingdom—Toadies*
Life Wasted—Pearl Jam
Billion Dollar Babies—Alice Cooper
Hush—Deep Purple
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo—Rick Derringer
Dead!—My Chemical Romance*
The Trooper—Iron Maiden

Bonus unlockable songs
Drink Up—Ounce of Self
Kicked to the Curb—Noble Rot

Supposedly there will also be downloadable songs available at launch. It's not in the article, but I vaguely remember reading that there would be 12 downloadable songs. Hell son, between teh exclusives and downloadables, that's halfway to a new game! Plus, I heard all these songs are really fun to play. After listening to them all with the game in mind, I can see it.

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