March 13, 2007

Not Knowing Your Genre

The worst thing a character in any story can do to themselves is fail to recognize what kind of story they're in. The babysitter who's getting scary calls should call the police or get out of the house because staying there is just asking to get stabbed. The space marine who lands on some planet that's quiet, a little too quiet, should pack it in because any second now the crazy worm aliens are going to start offing people you don't know much about. The quarterback should realize his cheerleader girlfriend is going to end up with that quiet guy from the A/V Club because he's special, or something. The Bush Administration obviously doesn't understand that they're a cross between SPECTRE and KAOS.

Although, I suppose the really scary idea is that there might be something they're *actually* getting away with. Still, given their track record I suppose that will probably come out too. Josh Marshall thinks Attorney General Gonzales is going to have to resign over this. Given that this story will take a couple months to reach a full on boil it's going to be nearly impossible for the Administration to get out from under the scandal before full on primary season.

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MosBen said...

Gold you say? Do you have any interest in paying off my student loans?