March 07, 2007

Rape is your punishment for Drinking While Female

A quotation from a rape apologist, via an excellent post on victim-blaming by Jill:

All women need to be taught a very simple lesson:

girl, if you go get drunk at a party, and you expect some random person to be looking out for you, you best expect to be disappointed. You make sure beforehand what you expect your friends to do for you. You think about the consequences before you take that next drink. Think while you still can. Or learn the hard way. Up to you.

My emphasis.

Just where did this gem appear? Townhall? WingNutDaily? Would you believe Alternet? (I can't get a permalink to the comment, so just search in-page for `blaming men')

Now, Alternet's discussion thread software is rather poorly designed, and I can't find a way to view some kind of profile or index of previous comments by this Iconoclast421 person, and most of the other comments broadly agree with the thesis of the article (that the single most important thing we need to do to prevent rape is hold rapists responsible for rape, not their victims). So maybe this is just some misogynist trolling Alternet, not a real-life `progressive'. Maybe Iconoclast421 would be more at home at Townhall.

Or maybe not. Someone with exactly the same handle seems to fancy him- or herself something of a leftist. And what I'm going to call a crypto-Marxist anti-feminist.

And `maintream' leftists and liberals wonder why feminists claim misogyny is pervasive across the political spectrum?

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Iconoclast421 said...

Well hello there! I am the author of that comment. I am a bit surprised that you'd single out my comment among all the far more incriminating things that were written in the comments section of that particular article.

First to set the record straight, I am not a leftist, or a conservative, or a liberal, or a wingnut or whatever label you might wish to assign. I lean libertarian left but am conservative on too many issues to be considered a leftist or liberal.

As for what I wrote, I stand by it 100%. It is not mysogynst at all to say what I said. I don't condone rape and nowhere did I say I did.

Here is a link to the article on alternet which contains my comments:

I noticed you didn't bother to quote my entire post. Not that it matters in this case. As for what you quoted, again, I stand by it 100% even in the context you quoted it. You seem to have this belief that what I wrote somehow implies that I'm saying rape is not a man's fault. You know that is a logical fallacy right? In what you quoted, all I was saying is that it is foolish to walk down a dark alley with a shiny diamond necklace and expect not to have it taken. Does that mean I condone violence? No of course not. It's called rational responsibility. You can complain all day long about how it should be safe to walk down a dark alley with a shiny diamond necklace, and I would share your complaints. But it is also wise to take some basic precautions. The same thing applies to drinking responsibly. Of course I wish the world wasn't like that, but it is. The criminal justice system isn't going to change that. Like I said in the part of my comment that you didn't quote:

Not until every last man is locked behind bars will women be totally safe to get drunk at any party. Obviously that is what some people want... for every woman to end up in a single parent home with a child or two on a basket of drugs. All because she's taught to blame the man for everything that goes wrong.

Now this is important because I'm talking about women blaming men. (Why you chose not to quote this is a bit perplexing, as it is a far more "incriminating" statement!) But you have to understand that me criticising the blaming of men does NOT mean I'm saying men AREN'T responsible. Of course they are. Just like the thief is responsible for stealing that fine diamond necklace from that innocent person walking down a dark alley. I just happen to see both sides of the issue. And yes there are two sides. One, a person is entitled to their own basic rights. And two, there is risk involved in everything we do and we should always stop and consider those risks, regardless of how unjust it is to have to do so.

To be clear, I happen to think that men who rape should have their balls cut off. But somehow I doubt that form of punishment will ever work its way into the criminal justice system. I could talk about how I think punishment for rape should be handled in a way that would truly help put an end to it, but I wont discuss such things online! All I can say is watch the movie "In the Bedroom". But anyway, having said that I find it amusing how you'd think I'm a mysoginst! If you still think so, then that's fine. I've said my piece.