March 18, 2007

The Show

So, today is the last day of The Show: With Ze Frank. You wouldn't think something like the end of a video blog would effect anybody, but you'd be wrong.

Ultimately I think The Show was about building commuinity, about finding crazy esoteric ways of bringing people together in a world that's increasingly set upon impersonality. Ze found a way to truly make the news personal rather than entertaining. He also found a way to make people interested in and care about a small community of users in a way that I'm not sure has been done before. Now, I'm not saying people haven't found community on the internet before. I've posted on all kinds of blogs before, including on my own, but The Show always seemed special somehow. It brought a zest and excitement to the blogosphere that I haven't felt in a long time. I wish Ze all the best in the world, and may all the old viewers deftly deflect the hard chargers.

As I find myself contemplating the next several weeks I can think of several things that I need to get done. What I do know, however, is that I'm going to miss The Show with Ze Frank. It was great, and like so many great things it's gone. Se te las buenas memorias! I know I'll be watching for Ze to pop up somewhere out here.

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Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT! Why did Ze Frank go away?!?!! He was GREAT! I've been out of touch doing homework for awhile but shit! SHIT SHIT! Wow. There are no words!