March 16, 2007

So I happened to pick up Season 3 of Buffy today

Watching the first episode, it occurs to me that this isn't just about the necessity of confronting the difficult parts of life head-on. It's also an allegory about capitalism, with the demons forcing poor people to literally work themselves to death.

And then Buffy starts fighting with a hammer and sickle. I laughed and laughed. And then wrote this basically useless blog post.


Dan said...

My basically useless response is that I just borrowed the first 2 seasons from Drew. Season 1 is enjoyable so far, despite multiple people telling me to skip it.

Unknown said...

My useless contribution is to note that you are intruding upon my blog-territory. I am inclined to start talking about Kant or something. Only... I don't want to. Not that I couldn't talk intelligently about that stuff. I could. Totally. Better than you, in fact. But it would bore me. I mean, like, I have totally more interesting things to talk about that boring old dead white guys.

So consider yourself lucky, smart guy. You don't want me as a blog-enemy. No you don't.

Noumena said...

As soon as I figured out what the hell a Kant-off would be, exactly, I'm totally challenging you to a Kant-off, Drew.