September 14, 2009


I don't really care about real Kanye, but this is pretty good. Link.

Update: Man, now that I'm actually thinking about it, and having watched the actual clip, that really seems staged to me.


Unknown said...

The thing at the VMAs, staged? Naw, I don't see it. Dude was drunk as hell.

Although, he also had a point. How the fuck does Taylor Swift get Best Female Video when Beyonce got Video of the Year? Is Beyonce a man now? I realize I'm not up on popular culture (I never heard of Taylor Swift before this happened), but that's crazy!

MosBen said...

I don't know what the stage managing at the VMAs is like, but I'm pretty skeptical that someone can just bum rush the stage when they're not supposed to be, especially if the person in question has a tendency to be obnoxious at award shows and/or is drunk.

It's possible the thing wasn't staged like the Bruno thing was staged, but I think MTV saw a chance for some free press and let it happen.

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