September 21, 2009

Video Game Night: Week 4 - Epic Fail

Well, to be fair, I don't know that it was a totally epic failure. Drew and Jay may be able to attest to some fun. I wasn't able to play because they didn't change the major fault in the first game which didn't allow groups to play if they different amounts of downloadable content (Drew and Jay have the Juggernaut, I do not), and because Gamestop screwed up my preorder bonus (I was supposed to get Juggernaut, but didn't).

Anyway...annoying. Here's to putting this sad tale behind us and having better luck next week. Oh, and more than three people next week too!


LameAim said...

I once again showed up late. Time zone difference is a bitch. And I was hoping to get my Ultimate Alliance 2 on with actual people....

MosBen said...

Hey man! If you're expecting to show up after 8, make sure you drop a post up here at the Ra so people know to wait for you. I don't think us East Coasters are going to actually play until 12 most nights. The 8-12 time frame was, at least as I understood it, more of a window when VGN would happen. Some people would play 8-10, other 9-12, but the point was that from 8-12 people knew to come to game.

The problem has been that only three of us are showing up regularly and we all have to get up pretty early, so without any other reason to stay up we're probably going to play until 10:30 or 11 most nights. Still, if I knew you were coming on a particular night I wouldn't be against staying up later from time to time. Just let us know when you're coming.

Oh, and evidently you're going to need the Juggernaut to play online, which is total bullshit.

Unknown said...

I was thinking about the Juggy Bear bug this morning, and I was reminded of Castle Crashers, where this problem doesn't exist. What's the diff? In CC, you can play a game with someone who has downloaded additional characters that you don't have, which means that characters you haven't downloaded appear on your screen same as ever. Why can't MUA2 do that?

Separate question, will Juggy Bear become available at some point to people who didn't pre-order, and if so, when? Or will online games permanently be segregated between pre-orderers and others?

Jason said...

The reason is because you can switch characters in the middle of the game.

Suposebly they are releasing a patch that will allow players to play but I do not know when. The problem with releasing Juggy as DLC is that they would not release him alone. It would probably be as a pack of chracters which would force those of us who already have him to pay for a DLC pack which features a character we got for free.

Unknown said...

That's nothing, Jay. When Beatles Rock Band releases Abbey Road, you get "Abbey Road Medley" as a playable track when you download the entire album. So those "free" songs I got for pre-ordering the game... I figure I won't be able to redeem them, because I have to buy the entire album as a set in order to get the medley track.

Unknown said...

Complaints aside, Juggy Bear is pretty sweet. He can just stampede through enemies like they were nothing!

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