September 21, 2009

NHL Game?

There's a poll up asking which NHL game we should get for Video Game Night. The group voted to have an NHL game as one of our core group of games, but we delayed specifying which version until the new batch was released. Well, the new NHL games are out, so which one do you guys think we should get? I'm not going to consider this a valid poll unless we get five or more votes, so even if you haven't been showing up for Video Game Night for some reason (I know we have a few broken 360s out there) make sure you vote in the poll.

Also, I hope more people start showing up for video game night. It'd be one thing if people were inconsistent, but there was quite a bit of interest in this back when it was proposed and we're seeing the same three people week in and week out. It'd be nice to get some larger groups from time to time.


Unknown said...

My true preference is for NHL 10, because I'm a snob for new games versus old ones, so that's how I voted. But I have no problem with NHL 09 as a cost-cutting measure. Judging by online reviews, NHL 2k9 looks like it should be avoided.

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