October 06, 2004


I saw Osama this weekend, and with Kristof's column today on the situation of women in Afghanistan, I thought I'd say:

This makes me sick. Literally. During the last five minutes of Osama, I was seriouslly worried that I'd have to hurdle over four of my friends to get to the bathroom in time. Fortunately I made it through to the credits without a premature recycling of my pizza; but that doesn't take care of the bigger problem.

We had a chance to do something about the shithole that was and is Afghanistan. All we've done is replace Thomas Hobbes' state of nature (that's the `nasty, brutish, and short' one) with Thomas Hobbes' state of nature, a sham election, and fiction-based triumphalism.

And we wonder why people outside the Global North think we're a nation of arrogant assholes?

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MosBen said...

But Dan, they sent a team to the Olympics! We WON!