October 18, 2004

Of Youths And Drafts

Andrew Sullivan (who either doesn't have permalinks or hides them better than anyone on the interweb) finds some interesting polling data showing, unsurprisingly, that Kerry is killing Bush among voters under 30. More interestingly, a third of those youths, and closer to a half with the younger ones, think that the Iraq War will lead to a draft. Despite the fact that his current policies have left our troops are stretched thin as it is, Bush still not only says that he won't instate a draft, but that Kerry, with his "get our troops out of Iraq as soon as we can" strategy, is MORE likely than Bush to instate a draft.

Even though that doesn't make any kind of sense, Atrios(whose permalink for this story seems to be busted) gets word from an anonymous source that the Bush plan to avoid a draft is to extend the reservist mobilization from 2 years to 5. Atrios said it best, "5 years. Wow."

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