October 18, 2004

Child's Play 2k4

Penny Arcade is my favorite web comic of all time but last year they went above and beyond the realm of cool when they created Child's Play. It started as just a simple Amazon.com wishlist on part of the site for toys and video games which they would donate to the Seattle Children's Hospital. $250,000 in cash and toys later from their dedicated readers and they really showed what geeks are really like.

Well it's another year and time for Child's Play 2.0. This year they're better organized and have set it up to benefit not one but five Children's Hospitals around the country. So if you've got a few dollars around, or will soon as is the case with me, you might think about dropping a couple for some sick kids. Not everything is expensive, so don't worry, and being a poor student myself I'm not going to be dropping tons of money. And even if you're not able to buy anything yourself, everyone that reads this (or the many many updates I'm planning on doing between now and the holidays) should tell everyone they know about Child's Play and try to get some word of mouth going. I have a feeling this year is going to make last year look small.

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