October 02, 2004

Cuticle Gate, or Metrosexual Gate If You Prefer

Josh Marshall has shown us all once again why we should be reading his stuff every day. A Fox News Reporter covering the Kerry Campaign wrote up a story filled with "quotes" he "received" "from Kerry" which in fact were all made the Hell up. And then the supposedly satirical story was posted on the Fox News website as a news story, but I'm sure we all know that it was an accident, right?

You know, after all the crap so recently about the CBS memos and the outrage over journalistic integrity I would have thought that every news source out there would be being extra careful about appearing scrupulous with their stories so as to avoid the negative flack CBS got. I suppose you have to admire the balls on Fox News for posting things so obviously made up and then saying "my bad" after all the calls for Dan Rather to step down.

Incidentally, you all who haven't really should watch Outfoxed soon. This stuff is par for the course for these guys.

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