October 07, 2004

Bush lied and over 1,000 U.S. servicemen are dead.

So, the latest news from the NYtimes.com, is that President Bush has finally conceded, in the face of a scathing report from Charles Duelfer, chief U.S. weapons hunter, that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, but that we were still right in going to war.

I would like to see him tell that to Lila Lipscomb (because I just saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night, excellent movie). Or any other of the 1,000-plus families of American servicemen that have died in Iraq.

It is my hope that John Kerry brings this up, somehow, in Friday's debate and reminds the American public that President Bush has led one-thousand servicemen to their deaths, because of a lie. Maybe Bush will respond that "Iraq is hard work" thirteen times (like in the last debate) because he doesn't really seem capable of constructing a fresh thought.

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MosBen said...

While the 1,000 servicemen that have died is a terrible tragedy, I always feel like we should also mention the 10,000 (conservative estimate) Iraqis who have also died. And let's not even get into the thousands on both sides that have been injured. Personally, whether he actually "lied" or not is immaterial because with such a colossal mistake there's no way he qualifies for a second term.