October 18, 2004

The Point Of Marionette Sex...No, Not THAT Point

Drew over at Terminus has posted his review of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's, of "Southpark" fame, newest creation, "Team America: World Police". In it he argues that the film suffers because "it doesn't believe in anything," but even though I have yet to see the film myself, after reading this article at Salon I have a hard time believing that they weren't trying to make a final point, even if it's possible that they don't get it across as well as they should. I'll let you all know what I think when I see it, and I know you await with baited breath.

Parker and Stone's political views seem to revolve around everyone chilling out. To that end, they rail against anyone that gets high and mighty about anything whether it's a lefty complaining about America's role in the world or a righty complaining about some social issue they want the government to crack down on. I think Parker and Stone recognize that an overabundance of arrogance can be a bad thing, hence the wonderfully titled theme to the movie "America, Fuck Yeah!", but given that they both grew up on the underside of the middle class and have ended up rich are very quick to get defensive when they think someone is forgetting that America is a pretty bitchin' place to live.

Of course, I think their view is wrong and I think the left has a lot more worthwhile things to say than the right, but I still think they believe in something.

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