June 25, 2005


The guys over at Penny Arcade have evidently been getting into the pranks lately, and came up with this gem. For those unaware, Gabe is the artist of Penny Arcade, and Tycho is the writer. Both, of course, use psudonyms.

From Tycho's post:
We made a comic about "the romz" as well, minus the sky high trucker and vehicular manslaughter it is a true story. It was Gabe though, not me, and it was actually a real FBI agent who cracks down on pornography. He had the cuffs on him, Gabriel's face pressed into the sticky circle left by an ancient soda, and we decided that was a good time to reveal our hidden cameras. Strangely enough, Gabriel never professed his innocence throughout the ordeal. Weird!

And from Gabe's post:

It is apparently hilarious to play practical jokes on me. The story Tycho mentioned is just one example of the sort of junior high bullshit I am forced to deal with here at Penny Arcade industries.

I was sitting at my desk drawing when an honest to God FBI agent entered the room and asked for me by name. The man had a badge and a fucking gun and everything. He said something about investigation of pornography and that I was under arrest. I looked to my friends in the room for assurance that this was some sort of joke and got none. To their credit they did not crack during the entire joke. In fact it wasn’t until I started crying and begging for my mother that they all had a good laugh and patted each other on the back. Apparently Robert has a friend in the FBI. I guess he had a few spare minutes to stop by our office and make me piss myself. As for me not proclaiming my innocence during the ordeal, well that’s true. Once again I must give my friends credit for creating a plausible scenario for my incarceration.


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