June 09, 2005

How Does He Fit In Such A Tiny Pokeball?

The plan was for the whole group to get a picture with Picachu here, and then have Jay run at it, finishing with a vicious tackle, but somehow that didn't happen. Actually, I'm pretty sure that unlike most of the people I have pics of, this guy was getting paid to be there, as there was a huge Pokemon Tournament going on. Never have so many older men played games with little boys and there be not a single arrest. Another little interesting fact about this picture is that after I took the thing, Picachu shook a little at the flash, as if frightened or startled, which I found sort of amusing. Still, I can only imagine how annoying it must have been to be the hot and sweaty person inside that suit having to do cute things like that all day.

I realized today that in all the hustle and bustle that I experienced while unemployed for three weeks I managed to miss celebrating the one year anniversary of Staff of Ra! The not-so-old addage in the blogging world is that if you're still managing to make yourself do it after a year you'll keep doing it for a good long while. Though it's been a while since I had a good long political post, which is sort of why this blog started last summer, it's been a great year with a great blogging partner in Dan, who does all the real work. More later, gotta run...Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

The thing that really stopped me from tackling Pikachu (other than me being a pussy) was the really large guy in the orange t-shirt escorting him around convention. He is the large black guy just to the left of Pikachu.


Noumena said...

::referee's whistle:: Inappropriate and derogatory use of the word 'pussy' ... penalty: -50 Ra points