June 19, 2005

An Opportunity

Since Casey got that phat load of Ra points for writing the review below, I thought I'd give you all the chance to catch up a little. (2 points per)

1) What with Batman Begins out now, who is Batman's (the comic, not the character) creator?

2) An updated version of Pirates! comes out for Xbox in a few months; who is the mastermind behind this game (as well as the various Civilization games)?

3) Advent Rising was just released for Xbox, with the story written by what creator of Ender's Game?

4) What actor/special effects whiz appearing in George Romero's soon-to-be-released Land of the Dead cut his teeth with Romero on Dawn of the Dead and also appeared in From Dusk Til Dawn? Extra point for his character's name in From Dusk Til Dawn.

Remember I also distribute points at random for posting in comments.

1 comment:

Drew said...

Bob Kane.

Sid Meier.

Orson Scott Card.

I have no friggin' idea.