June 06, 2005

TWIP! Think He Keeps Web Fluid Cartridges In That Fanny Pack?

This week we have a fun feature for you, the loyal readers of the SoR: Pics from Wizard World '05! That's right, some friends and I made the exciting and nerdy trek to a comic book convention this last weekend.

I had a really good time, which probably says something about my personality, but everywhere I turned I was compelled to profess my eternal and complete love of geeks. Seriously, not five seconds after I took this picture Spidey here got called over to a group of four or five girls that were pretty attracted and ended up talking to them for several minutes. Now, they were probably laughing at him on the inside, but he was talking to them! How often do you think that guy, and most of the people there (self included), has random attractive girls prompt *him* for a conversation?

I have enough pictures to get us through Saturday, with a couple days of double pictures, and I plan, at least at this point, to give some commentary on each one. Till next time, true believers (10 Ra points to the first person to say who I'm quoting).Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I believe that you are quoting Stan Lee. But you forgot to mention that you could see the outline of the dude's tighty whiteies beneath his costume. I am looking forward to the pictures but they can never really capture the complete geektatude of this place, it was awesome.


Sarah said...

he's hot. mmmmmmmmm.