June 16, 2005

Why Iraq is a boondoggle


Barney Frank just made the point that it's pretty impossible to end something when you didn't have a good reason to start it in the first place. It's hard to have an exit strategy when you don't know why you're there and what you hope to accomplish.[...]

The media are operating under the basic assumption that once we fix the broken pot, we'll go home. This is something which is most certainly false, but since no one is much concerned with answering the question of why we went to Iraq in the first place they're certainly not much interested in finding out what we intend to do now that we're there. The two are connected."[...]

If everyone in the administration thinks their pet war happened for a different reason, then the people in charge truly have no idea what the fuck they're trying to accomplish.

No-one's in charge. No-one has any goals, beyond grabbing as much government cash as possible before things fall apart again. Insurgents and soldiers chase each other endlessly from stronghold city to stronghold city. Everyone just does their own little job, shooting or reciting talking points or driving trucks or buying crap at the mall. Keep their heads down, do what they do, don't ask questions.

This war is fucking adaptation of a Kafka novel.

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