June 09, 2006

Clutching At Straws

It's June in an election year and your party has controlled both houses of Congress and the White House for almost three terms, but you have nothing to show for it. What do you do? Try to hit all of your hot button issues for your base. But what happens if the permanent repeal of the estate tax *and* the constitutional ban on gay marriage both fail? I guess Republicans will be jumping on Zarqari's dead coat tails, but really this has got to be a hard sell. "Give us the reigns to the country and we'll not get anything done on domestic policy, but we will take several years to track down one guy that will probably be replaced in a matter of weeks."


Ugh, Limbaugh angers me with lies!

Also, using the Israelis as proof that one dead terrorist leader is irreplaceable doesn't seem to hold up when, I don't know, compared to reality. Do they think through the things the write?

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Noumena said...

I'm sure the vacuum left in the power structure in Iraq by Zarqawi's death is already starting to fill in. And we'll have moved on to the next new big thing by November. Several times over -- our national attention span seems to be best measured in weeks, and that's being optimistic.

Do they think through the things the write?
Sure. But they're evaluating it as a talking point for cable news appearances: if it makes The Other Side look bad, you can spout it off in ten seconds using words of at most three syllables (and those sparingly), and it's not so obviously false that the interviewer might accidentally prove you wrong, it's golden.