June 26, 2006

New Joe Fridays And Watchmen News!

A few days late in posting this, but still packed full of interesting Marvel-related news.

Zach Snyder has been tapped to direct an adaptation of Watchmen, though who knows if this will stick. The movie adaptation has had more studios and directors attached than Superman Returns.


Noumena said...

Zach Snyder on IMdB. Nothing here to really be impressed by -- but nothing here to be worried over, either.

I'd love to see a film version of Watchmen, but only if there's a talented director at the helm. Happily, one of the two screenwriters is associated with the first two, ie, non-sucky, X-Men films.

MosBen said...

According to the article I linked to, Zach Snyder got the gig because WB like what he's doing with 300, an adaptation of a Frank Miller graphic novel.

Jason said...

I heard somewhere that if you add up all the money given to people associated with Superman Returns, but ultimately had nothing to do with the final product (Kevin Smith, Nicolas Cage, etc.), the final budget comes out to somewhere in the $350 million neighborhood.