June 08, 2006

Comic Book Stuff

First, check out this guy that made a costume of Ben Grimm, also known as The Thing of the Fantastic Four, for a comic convention. Only, this guy made it out of real rocks. Evidently the thing weighs 110 pounds, but it looks awesome.

Here's a bit from The Onion about the new Batwoman, who is one of, if not the, first major comic book character to be openly gay.

A short review of Y: The Last Man on NPR. It's actually not even a very good review, but it is short and it's nice to see good plugging for this awesome series in (more) mainstream media. Seriously, for those that haven't read this should really check it out in trade paperback format.

One last thing, here's a cool picture from the South Pole. Does this look like a video game shot to anyone else?

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