June 11, 2006

Some analogies

Teaching intelligent design in a biology class is like ...
teaching astrology in a psychology class.
teaching about the four elements and the philosopher's stone in a chemistry class.
teaching occasionalism in a physics class.

In other news, I'm going hiking today. Kryssa, this state of yours better not have bears; I'm so going to come back and haunt you if I get eaten by a bear and you didn't warn me.


Anonymous said...

Is that a promise or a threat?

And we do have bears... they're just generally confined to the zoo.

Also, this week I've come to realise that people, in general, are completely retarded. And that perhaps Indiana has a higher concentration than most states.

Noumena said...

Isn't a threat a kind of promise?

Also, I was eaten by exactly zero bears. There were a few very threatening chipmunks, however. First they said *ping!* and then they said *disappear!*. Shifty, shifty chipmunks.