July 11, 2006

Flash Cartoons

Here are a series of funny cartoons based on Marvel's big crossover from a few years ago, The House of M: 1, 2, 3, 4

#2. A video about Marvel's recent revisiting of the ten year old Age of Apocalypse crossover; a pretty obvious money grab.

#3. Jean Grey rises from ashes as the Phoenix again. Think there's any chance she'll go bad?

#4. The X-Men just can't stay alive, can they? Or dead I guess.

#5. It's hard to be a super villain and not end up tacky. I mean, these days the only costume that people will accept is some sort of black leather/trench coat combo. Come on though, what's wrong with primary colors?!

#6. Oh, and there's a cartoon about DC too! What happens when people know too much...

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