July 23, 2006

A Quick Couple Videos

An unnanounced next generation Star Wars game. Looks pretty cool.

Vader Remix.

Cubicle War 2006.

A "Banned" Mastercard commercial.

A video for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game based on the upcoming TMNT movie (teaser).

The Dalek Song.

I heard about this on NPR. These guys have taken it upon themselves to make new episodes of the original series of Star Trek. Evidently, the shows have gotten good enough that they've attracted guest stars from the actual shows, including Walter Koenig, George Takei, Tim Russ, and Nichelle Nichols. I haven't watched any of the episodes yet though. You know...bar exams.

Say what you will about Tom Green, but an adult running onto a kids' soccer game and stealing the ball is funny.


Alex said...

i DIDN'T CLICK ON THE "BANNED " MASTER CARD LIINK BUT I THINK i know what it is, great blog

sarah said...

so, i assume this means you are ready for the exam?

ps - bring water to the exam, it's like woodstock-expensive.

Noumena said...

Wow @ next gen Star Wars game. I especially like Force Concussion Grenade and Force Slam a Stormtrooper Into a Fucking Propellor (sp).

In my gamer's dream world, the new box I'll be getting in May has one of those fancy-ass physics cards (because getting a new box is a fantasy, so why not throw in a $200 physics card, too?).

Noumena said...

PS Lord Vader will be most displeased if your performance on the Exam of Bar is found lacking.

MosBen said...

No Sarah, I'm nowhere near ready. If I had another two weeks or, hell, a month, I might be ready. As it is I'm thinking of this summer as really really early preparation for the February exam.